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Thursday, June 3, 2010


I've just been uploading photos from my iPhone to my 'puter and decided to post these faves:

Goofy chicken:

 I went out this morning to see how my garden is faring 
in my almost constant absence. 
There is one tomato on one of the vines.
But... my strawberries are ripe 
and I picked about a pound today!
Oh my the scent was overwhelming!!! 
Strawberry shortcake tonite!!!
I just got back from Cape Cod.  
I drove out with my Baby. 
She is doing an internship in the Boston area. 
She'll be staying at my Aunt & Uncle's.
We did a little touristing along the way which I will blog about another time.  
But this is a priceless photo.  Why?
Because she swears she does NOT cook!  
The grilled corn was the best ever!  Mmmmm!

 And here is a sweet photo.
My beautiful Aunt,
but so is that Eggplant Parmagiana also a beautiful thing:
 And my Uncle. 
My mother's only sibling.  
They are both so loving and gracious.  
And a hoot to boot!
And finally, 
these flowers were on my Aunt's table at the Cape.
A simple arrangement in a square vase with glass rocks in the bottom. 
Some hosta leaves for greens and 
rhododendrons that were in bloom.
 So when I got home, 
I tried to duplicate it with
a $5 square vase from WM,
some rocks from Humarock last summer,
hydrangeas from my yard and hostas.  
What do you think? 
Okay, off to Upstate NY tomorrow... later!

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