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Friday, June 18, 2010

I ♥ Eyelet

When I was putting away laundry this morning, 
I noticed a pattern in my wardrobe: 

It appears I EYELET!

Eyelet:  a lightweight fabric pierced by small holes finished with stitching and often laid out in flowerlike designs  (

Even in PINK:

I even buy eyelet tops for my daughter (she loves daisies) 

I bought eyelet dresses for all 3 grandgirlees for Easter.
 But alas, since none were here, I have no photos.
(edit:  I found one)

And what am I wearing as I put away my above-mentioned laundry?


1 comment:

crazydaisy said...

Me, too! I am currently wearing THAT EYELET shirt you got me!!!!