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Friday, December 25, 2009

Joyeux Noël

(photo: Christmas Eve 11pm)

Christmas Morning is quiet and white!
About 5 inches!
We haven't had a White Christmas in a very long time.
Last one I remember was back in the early '90's
when we borrowed a coworker's cabin in Big Bear Cali
and woke up to a foot of snow.
We snuggled in and enjoyed the novelty!
Of course, by the time we left the day after,
there was not one inch of untouched white stuff
in that quarter acre yard... the kids had seen to that!

Each year we have lived here, we try to add a few more items to our bank.
This is a view from across the lake.
Um, we didn't have the STAR up yet, may have to go out tonite and get a shot of that:

We keep hoping our neighbors will join in the fun, 
so that WE have something to look at across the lake, but so far... nuthin'.
Notice that the tree w/presents is out on the dock!

It was H's turn to put the angel on top of the tree this year.
We left the tree top barren until the little girlees arrived:

The little girlees were dressed up so cute for Christmas Eve:

I bought the little girlees cute little Christmas dresses, 

but unfortunately,
because of the Winter Storm Warning,
Jay and Christy and the girlees scooted out of here last night instead of this morning
ahead of the storm so they could get to the outlaws  safely. 
So I'll just get to see photos of them in their finery!

Lindsey gave me a really cool HUGE whisk for Christmas..
I haven't gotten to play with it yet, because
Baby J LOVED it!!!  
She thought it was the coolest thing!

Baby J discovered Dill Dip and just about finished off the bowl by herself!

Across the country, in San Diego, 
the other part of the family is enjoying a warm Christmas 
(in contrast to Upstate NY where they live)! 
Here's my snoofie Nicolee on Christmas Eve:

Last night as we went to bed, the snow began to stick.  
A pic snapped from out our bedroom window just before heading to bed:

A quiet relaxing day for Sweet Hubby, LJ & I to celebrate our Saviour's birth! 
If the roads clear, we may venture out to a movie... or 2!

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crazydaisy said...

That snoofie girl with the santa hat is so cute!!!