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Monday, July 13, 2009

Real Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?

mayonnaise or miracle whip

This is a question we don’t ask at our house. It’s a forgone conclusion, not up for discussion, that real mayonnaise is the only real deal.

And the other question that doesn’t get asked is brand.

It’s absotively Hellmann’s… or Best Foods west of the Rocky MountainsHellmanns BestFoods

So imagine my SHOCK at my daughter’s house in NY, I found NO REAL MAYO in her fridge! I did confront her about this. Not only did-I-have-to-use-the-sugared-up-SALAD-DRESSING Miracle Whip (that’s what it says on the label y’know) but I was more horror-struck by the fact that my eldest, sweet, can n’er do wrong daughter has crossed over to the DARK SIDE to Miracle Whip. And what is she teaching my perfect granddaughter? Oh my. I cannot get over it.

When we moved to MO, we began making Sweet Hubby’s lunch for work every evening while cleaning up dinner. I attempted to lighten the calorie/fat in the name of healthy changes and used Lite Hellman’s. Three years later 3 YEARS I say! he asked one day,Do you think you could use regular mayo in my sandwiches? I don’t really like the funny tasting light stuff.” Isn’t he sweet? He didn’t want to hurt our feelings because we were making his lunch for him! Ahhhh.

So which do you prefer? REAL mayo or Miracle Slop, I mean Miracle Whip? I am not biased at all. HA!

Please take the poll on the right-->.

Blessings, Shay


crazydaisy said...

An Argument in my defense..... I HATE mayo! I only use it to cook with! Or with artichokes when dining with GK... But I don't HAVE any because I don't WANT any!!!!

shaybert said...

Do you hate it because someone might eat it directly out of the jar?