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Monday, July 6, 2009


One year ago today my Mom passed away.
Here she is with Tiffany.
This is how I remember her.
Beautiful, fun, full of life, ornery, active, Bunkco and tennis.

Photo with her husband Robert in their beautiful home in San Clemente, CA.
Circa late '80's

My mom went to college when college wasn't cool for women.
This is her resume photo when she was looking for employment after graduating.
She worked up to 3 jobs while going to school.
I was 14 when she finally graduated.

We traveled to Paris together.

And Ireland. This is Waterport, Ireland, her father's birthplace.
She never met her grandparents because her parent both emigrated from the Fair Green Isle.
Her mother from County Cork.
They met and married in Boston where she was raised.

Mom loved the ocean and especially saltwater fishing.
After her husband passed away she came to live with us.

Missouri is not near the ocean.
(in case you didn't know)

But she got to spend time with family.
Mom with Sweet Hubby.
They have always been great buddies and fishing partners.

One of my favorite photos.
Mom and H when she was a baby.Mom loved good food, having supported us while she attended college
by waiting tables in some fine restaurants.
Her in the photo are also Jay (on the right) and LJ
who had been so much unbelievable help with Mom.
LJ was my support and right arm helping with Mom.

When she moved in with us we tortured her
by taking her photo at Bass Pro in Springfield.

She was a good sport.

LJ's 21st Birthday:
Did I mention that the college she went to was UCLA?
She had an undergraduate degree from the graduate Business department. In the middle of her education they moved the undergraduate program out to the Valley to San Fernando Valley State but she was able to finish her degree under her old catalog at UCLA. BTW, I graduated from Valley State after it changed to California State University Northridge. Funny huh?

She used to tell about the professor who regularly chastised her for "taking up a man's seat" in his classes.
She even remembered his name. (I can't)

She loved mussels!
And Olive Garden serves some fine mussels.

For Valentine's Day one year we had the university men's ensemble come sing to her. They were handsomely dressed in tuxes.
But the next year, the school wouldn't travel all the way to our little town, so I had the choir teacher and a couple students come and sing to her.Mom loved music and theatre.
She and Robert had season passes to the Opera and the Broadway Tours

We managed to get all the family together for
Thanksgiving the year she moved here.
I'm so glad we did.
This was taken the day before she passed away.
I used to drag her away and take her for rides in the countryside in her cute little car.
She did NOT want her photo taken, as you can see by how prettily she is smiling at the camera~~not!

I love you and miss you Mom!
73 is too young.

aka Grandma Kathy, selfnamed Dragon Lady

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crazydaisy said...

Oh, mom.... She lived a very full life, but I am still sad. These pictures were hard to see. I still love her. And miss her. And am brought to tears when I think about Heaven and grandma