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Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Daughter's Craftsman Home

Yesterday, Julia from Hooked on Houses asked a question about this Sears Bungalow
and what 5 changes would you make?

I made my comments but also noted that I hadn't really posted about my daughter's Craftsman in Upstate NY
(at least I couldn't find anything in my history).

Tif's family moved to their home when her husband graduated from medical school.
They are only there for 3 years for his residency.

They snagged this house from a medical student
at the same hospital as Doc.
She was built in 1910 and will celebrate her
100th Birthday next year!!

Here she is from across the parkway.
We don't have any photos of her original exterior.
Or interior for that matter.
I would love to know which kit number/name she is.
I read about a FourSquare
and found some photos
and she may be similar.

But there have been many changes made through the years.
The first you see are the stone siding
Jalousie windows porch enclosure.

Here she is in Winter:Both side yards:Doc rebuilt the cute little white picket fence
but hadn't painted the new posts in these photos:

One of the strange things about this neighborhood
is the odd lot shapes.

The fence line follows the property line.

(note this little white sided section for later)
There is another identical garage to your left but is the neighbor's.
And the property goes all the way back through the alley
to about 3 feet from the garage you see beyond.
View from the front porch:
This home is in an Olmstead Brothers designed area.
Their street is the entry way to the Olmstead designed park.
What a blessing to have such a huge greenbelt.
Note the stone walls marking the entrances to the Park.
(There's their house again)
And there's the Park up the hill and to the left.
Home to the New York State Zoo,
now housing only indigionous animals.
I practically kissed this front door when I first spied it.
It's gorgeous!

The hallway and stairs.
The coffered ceilings are original.
However, there used to be windows on each side of the fireplace.
They have been drywalled over.
If you scroll back up to the side yard pics,
you'll see that the windows are still there, with Venician blinds and all!
Oh, the French doors!
~ sigh~ So beautiful!

And the windows:
Not a lot of changes have been made other than paint so far.
First room painted was Nicolee's:

Nicolee's floor was stripped and refinished too.
Nicolee has the BEST view in the house:
Imagine a generation ago when
lions and tigers and bears were residents of the zoo.
Growls and roars were regular sounds of the night!
Nicolee's view:

The attic is a storage and playroom.
Some sort of composition board covers the ceilings
and Tif and Dave have decided to just leave it as is for now.

It's a great place for cousins to play dressup!
The biggest change so far has been painting the cupboards
and changing the hardware in the kitchen.
If you remember the white siding from the backyard view,
it is the extension of the kitchen.
Beyond that header is what used to be a covered porch.

Note the funky hanging glassfront cupboards suspended
from the ceiling and then take a scroll back up
to the dining room as it is now.
These lost-in-space boxes have been removed.

And now: (Hi Tink!")
Next the question is what color for the kitchen walls?
Laura Ashley Cowslip 2 or Sand 2 were my recommendations.
Do you have any suggestions?
They are leaning toward a yellow hue.
Doc just began his last year of his residency
and then will go active Air Force next year...
and they will have to say goodbye to this centenarian.

Thanks for visiting my daughter with me!

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