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Friday, March 13, 2009

Home Entry

This is my entryway.
I know there are many many rules about how the entry of a home should set the tone, welcome your guests with a preview of the rest of your home.
Well, here is what you will see just inside my front door:

Okay okay, so maybe THIS is what you see in front of you when you walk in the door. This is actually one year ago, I've changed a few things since last March, like moving the stepladders off the deck. Instead they are residing inside my bedroom, awaiting a burst of energy from moi to finish cutting in the paint 14 feet up. (I hate heights.) I've also added some curtains, but that will be for another post. But this is the view from the front door. Pretty boring. It is what it is.
When Nicolee came for a week visit, I decided to bring the dollhouse upstairs so she would not be playing in the basement all alone. When the little girls are here, it's not a problem because that's where they stay. But Nicolee was staying upstairs. And she spent many hours playing right here!

Well when the little girlees came to stay, I decided to just leave the dollhouse right here. So what if this decor defies the experts' recommendations. Little Baby J just LOVED being able to reach a few things, but she can't "get into" everything.

I found this "Trading Spaces" dollhouse at Cargo Largo in Independence, Missouri. It has lots of wallpaper and accessories and teensy paint rollers to "change out" the decor. Most of those are still put up when the little girlees are here.

This is how the girlees left the house when they last left. For some reason, Baby J left the table and chairs outside.And inside:
Hmmmm, I don't know what the story is here, but look closely.
Momma was put in "time-out" in the playpen!
I decided to leave the components to the little Christmas vignette and the girlees move those around too:
Pardon the mess, (kinda looks like my whole house most of the time). The girlees put everything back and close up the front panels when they are done playing. This was $20 at Cargo Largo. I've seen it online on clearance for less, but I think this is one of the best $20 investments I have made!
So welcome! This is my front entry.
Like it or not, it really is a reflection of my home.
My home is all about family!
Oh, and this is just inside the front door too!


g said...

I like this - what a great intro to the home. The doll-house as display is a perfect metaphor. Can momma have a glass of wine while she's in time out?

(my entry doesn't have cat food but it does have recycling and a mop bucket and mop!)

I loved reading your comment about the Santa Monica Pier. I work a couple blocks from the pier, and love my lunchtime escapes. I'm hoping to ride the new ferris wheel soon!

crazydaisy said...

As prcocious and precious Nicolee's mother, I think that was a $20 WELL spent!!!!!

Lisa said...

Rules, fools, who cares. Rules are meant to be broken. Just like they say if you have a candle sitting out you should always at least light it so it looks like it's been used. It's more welcoming and homey they say. Who are they? I love the dollhouse. And, cats need to eat too!!

Neabear said...

This is cute! I don't use my front door. Not convienent. Besides sometimes when we open it we have a hard time getting it closed all the way. I don't want to be stuck with a stuck open door. We use the carport side door all the time. Even guests. They come in through the laundry room. It is a pain to walk all the way around the house from the carport. That is how it is a mobile home parks.