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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Exterior Experimentation

Here's the STAR that Sweet Hubby built. This year it is an experiment. We decided it needs to be angled a little. No one can see the star except the neighbor directly to the south. Cant's see it from the road, can't see it from the valley, can't see it from across the lake, only the neighbor. We have 4 lit trees on the bank and dock.
You can see them from our bedroom windows,
from the dam,
from the neighbor's,
from across the lake.
We hope to add to the lights each year.
Have any suggestions?

Charlie can never figure out what I am doing when I pull out my camera.
I had the white rockers nicely flanking each side of the porch
when Sweet Hubby pulled the dog igloo up onto the porch for the pooches.
Ah, well, now they are warm at last.
Happy Christmas


crazydaisy said...

Ooh,I love the new photo at the top of your blog!

Maybe if you put the star above the deck. That would face everyone on the lake.... Or if you put the star above the front porch, people will be able to see that from the road and you can say, 'when you see the star above the front door, you know you're at the house," even if they DID see the lions and there is a ton of snow!!!

And Charlie will be just fine if you put his igloo on the deck behind your bedroom.... That is, if he's allowed over there!

Love you lots!!!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I had so much fun seeing your home all done up for Christmas, Shay!

By the way...this, all the more, makes me want to move to the lake permanently.

I don't think I've ever seen that long view of your home before. It's gorgeous!

Merry Christmas!