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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Angel or Star or ???

Which do you put on top of your tree?
Way back when, our First Christmas in 1977, I found the most beautiful angel treetopper at a local boutique.
She was gold and sparkly and had a burgundy velvet dress.

There was no way on Earth that we could afford $40 for such a frivolous purchase
so I decided to make an angel just like the one I'd seen. (photos from 2007)
Um, that proved rather difficult.
Oh sure, I can sew (Home Ec degree y'know)

and I craft lotsa things,

but finding an innocent doll proved to be
the largest obstacle to overcome.

I looked and looked and finally found the "Sunshine Family".
A rather hippie looking 4-some but the Momma was just fine.

So I snipped and glued and there was my angel.
Sweet Hubby configured a cone shaped form for the skirt out of a large yoghurt tub after dismembering Momma Sunshine's legs! Hee hee!
I made wings out of white lightweight cardboard
and covered them with clear glitter.
Had to pierce her head for the halo!
I chose a nice sized pretty box that
our wedding invitations came in for her off-Holiday home.
After the kids each came along,
they took turns
placing the angel atop the tree
when all the decorating was complete.
The year and name of whose turn it was
is still written inside that box lid.
One of her arms keeps coming off. She IS 31 y'know!
A year or two ago, tif requested either MY angel or one like her.
The hunt to find an innocent doll began again.
This one is a little more innocent than Mrs. Sunshine
and also a little smaller.
Unfortunately, I kinda got her angel halfway done
and then scooted the box under a cabinet and forgot about it.
I pulled it out this year and was determined to get it done and have.
I used storebought craftwings this time
and just mailed her off to New York this a.m.
I forgot to take a photo of the new angel,
so will depend upon tif to snap one when when she arrives

Christmas Blessings!


crazydaisy said...

I will make sure to photograph the celestial being as soon as she arrives on top of our tree!

Lisa said...

I love this story. I had a sunshine family back then. I loved them.

PAT said...

Wonderful post, Shay!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!