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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Peek at the Past


I didn't believe it when a coworker told me that the community where we live had once been a huge resort and she had gone swimming there as a kid and and and. I just could not imagine these quiet expanses of tree and grass covered hills and tranquil shoreline teeming with swimsuit and swimcap laden kiddies swarming all around. I had heard that the owners way back when had a Christmas Tree farm here and that's all I knew. Well, after my first homeowner's association meeting, one of the members emailed me an old resort brochure.

WowZa! Sure enough! It had been a Christmas Tree "Plantation" AND the best destination resort in the "Ozarks Playground"!

Well I have had a blast revisiting these photos and trying to figure out which snapshot is where... I haven't figured out much yet due to time restraints and the fact that we've only been here 2½ weeks!

So, there was indeedy a humongo swimming pool and waterbikes on the lake. Most of the owners now have paddleboats... is that a throw-back? Hmmm

I think our house is just on the other side of the point on the leftside of this top middle photo. Or at least for now "I think" it is.

I hope you'll forgive me for blocking the name of the resort. I don't think my new neighbors would enjoy my blabbing where we live and we might again have throngs of bodies bedecked in thongs and Speedos or less...? Ew!

Well... there ya go. Now you know too! Hope you enjoyed this visit with me today.


crazydaisy said...

Kinda old school! I like it! You could put that 'ad' up in the mud room or something ust for kicks! Love ya! Love the house!

PAT said...

That was fun Shay! I have no idea where this place is, but it looks like it was a neat place.

Next time you cross the Grand Glaize bridge, going toward, The Potted Steer, look to the left way far up on the ridge, you will see the general vicinity of the turn off into our complex! In winter we can see the bridge..yet it takes us at least twenty minutes to drive there!

I'll wave back, next time!;-)