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Friday, October 19, 2007

Every morning...

(Okay almost every morning.) ... I look out my window and sigh and LEAVE the house to go to school. It's quite a challenge. Even this a.m. sweet hubby moaned that the fish are CALLING to him. I actually have a day off from school, Fall Break, but I'm taking my mom to the doc so I still have to leave!
Below is a pic of the view from my office. I don't have the office set up yet, don't even have my chair in there but I run down here almost every morning to grab a worksheet I've printed off or file a bill etc. Can you imagine having to look at this and then get in the car? Tortureous. Okay. I'm leaving. I am blessed.

Look! The leaves are turning... beautiful!!!


crazydaisy said...

I love the leaves! And I love the view! When I come, can I stay in your office?????
Love ya!

Felicia said...

Beautiful fall color :)

PAT said...

Beautiful colors, down your way. We're beginning to see some color! Your view is amazing, Shay!

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