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Monday, February 14, 2011

A Tale As Old As Time

Saturday LJ and I took the 5 year old Hayden to see Beauty and the Beast's Broadway Tour production.

 Before we went to the theatre, we went out for lunch to Nonna's Italian Cafe.  
Oh my, YUM!!!

 She took at pic of Nana!

Hayden wore a hand-me-down Christmas dress from 8 year old grand, Nicolee (all 3 girlees had matching dresses from Nana 2 Christmases ago).  She was beautiful and received SO many compliments on her hair, dress and manners.  


We found lots of photos ops!
We attended the pre-performance discussion and at the end the speaker had a little trivia game.  
Hayden WON!! 
She answered probably 5 questions!  
(No one noticed that LJ was prompting her for some of them
--a few were her own answers) 

Hayden did very well and acted quite the lady the entire time.

 One more family member in love with live theatre!!!

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