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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Kinda funny that I didn't post during the imposed homebound days.  We did what we could to keep things hopping:

21st Century Storytelling
 Baby J had surgery during the midst of the huge snowstorm.  We went back last week for his followup appt.  I got to watch the girls while Momma, Daddy and J were in with the doc.  We read books, played I Spy, Follow the Leader and Copy Cat.  (the receptionists were laughing at Nana as she fell on the floor after Girlee J fell down an I "followed the leader".  Baby J is doing GREAT!  Whatta praise!!
Watching the hospital parking lot while waiting for Baby J's appointment

The weather was so bad, this church canceled "Grace"!!!

View from our house up the driveway to the road.

Since girlee J was developing a sniffle and the temps were perilously low, Nana brought the snow indoors.  I put snow in the shower. They probably played for over an hour!!

View from up above the barn down to the house.

Finally the temps are in the 60's and Sweet Hubby has cleared the whole driveway.  We can all get out and about now (except maybe my little bitty car... it doesn't like bad weather.)

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