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Monday, September 7, 2009

President's Speech to Students

I usually don't use this space to espouse any political views. 
I would rather that this be a safe place to play.  
But I'm a little concerned by the current uproar created by good people afraid of the country turning Socialist if school students watch the President's speech tomorrow.
The White House has released 
the transcript of the intended speech 
and I've read through it.
I usually take issue with what he has to say (there ya have it).

But I want to applaud our President's determination 
to encourage kids to do their best so they can 
be their best, 
be their family's best, 
be their community's best, 
be America's best, 
be the World's best!
Read it for yourself. Watch it for yourself.  
The ONLY part of the speech I take issue with 
is that he says he has talked about 
parents' responsibility 
in the educational process.
 I am not aware of any past remarks in that regard, 
but then I usually don't stop all I am doing when he talks.  
So maybe he has already addressed the parents' part, 
but therein is where I believe the problem lies in 
American education. Parents.
Just my opinion, 
one mother, 
one Nana, 
one teacher, 
one American.
Check out the wordle I made of the words in his speech.

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