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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Historic National Road

This Summer as we traveled across country, we tried to hit a few out of the way, once in a lifetime spots along the way.  One of these was the Historic National Road. I read about it in the Atlas I had along.  Sure we were following Garmin's lead, but I still prefer maps and just as we were in Pennsyvania, I found that we were really close to a section of the Historic National Road known as "The Old Brick Road".  Way cool!!! 

The National Road was begun as the very first government funded highway system.  It started in Cumberland, Maryland and was planned to continue all the way to Jefferson City, Missouri.  Unfortunately, the funding ran out in Vandalia, Illinois.  But there are still sections that are marked and celebrated and we found one!


So off the Interstate we headed in search of this one mile section of bricked pavement.

The first section didn't have any buildings or homes.  

Then as we continued on the scenery opened up to the spectacular mountainous views and also homes old and new.

When the brick looped back around to the state hwy, we pulled a U-ey and did it again the other way.  It was fun and something to remember. If you have the opportunity to drive across this piece of history, go for it! 

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Neabear said...

Visiting something off the normal beaten path is fun. We do that now and then and are usually glad we did too!