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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pet Peeve

Do you notice anything missing on this key fob?


The stinkin' key!!!!!!

This car had a push-button start!

This was my rental car last weekend when I went to NY.
It was so disconcerting to get into the car and try to figure out what to do with the stupid fob after getting in.
I was SOOOOoooooo afraid I was going to lose the fob.

Ugh, ugh ugh.
I do not mean to offend any who love this option, but it drove me BONKERS and I griped EVERY single time I got in the car.

It was WRONG!

Phew, I'm glad I got THAT off my chest.

What annoys you?

PS: In case you were wondering, it was a Nissan Altima


crazydaisy said...

Duct Tape. That's the solution!!!

Cecil said...

Oh, my gosh, you're not REALLY asking ME what annoys me are you?!?!?! How about the RUDE and ARROGANT doctors I work with every day? or People IGNORANT of the most very basic of medical knowledge? (stupid stupid stupid) or Foreigners who think we are supposed to speak and understand their language in OUR country where we speak ENGLISH!?!? or Policies and procedures that make NO SENSE in terms of providing patient care but are put in place to make money for the accrediting bureaus to make money off the fines they enact? I could go on...whew