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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mr Wonderful!

Here's my Sweetie. I refer to him as my Sweet Hubby. How do you like him in his new Panama Hat hand carried from Ecuador?
Did you know that Panama Hats are ALL made in Ecuador? The reference to Panama came about back when Eisenhower was given such a chapeau while visiting the Panama Canal region and he referred to it as a Panama Hat. LJ just returned from a week in Ecuador, working at a leprosy clinic and brought this back to her dad.

So on to the Mr Wonderful part? After a long day at school I was weary and sleepy and my feet hurt. So my Sweet Hubby found some foot butter while I was laying down and proceeded to massage and lube up my feet. Oh, my it was wonderful! To the point that when we went out to run an errand, my feet were slip 'n' slide on my sandals! ha!

So now I refer to him as Mr. Wonderful!

BTW, those aren't my feet, they are my eldest's. Mine are dry and sore and ratty again.


crazydaisy said...

Those are MY feet? They don't look bad! I should have been a foot model. But do the heel spurs make the picture look painful?

Cecil said...

Hey, that's what I call MY man...since 1982! Glad you have one! :-)