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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tea Parties

While out in San Diego, my KSF, Cecilia invited me to tea at The Aubrey Rose Tea Room in La Mesa.
Cecilia worked here as a server for a time before she went back to nursing.
Cecilia boasted that The Aubrey Rose is THE best tea room and she was not wrong.
Of course, Cecilia hates to be wrong, and on this occasion I conceded.

High Tea is not fare for the faint of heart!
And the tidbits were served beautifully as well.
Everything was just a bite of this and a bite of that.
It just kept coming and coming!
And after the last morsel was consumed,
we were stuffed,
as Sandi so willingly expressed here!

Here we are, the 3 troublemakers:
Sandi, Cecilia and moi:

And Cecilia's daughter, Jenn... who is a gem of a young lady!

I love this photo of Cecil with Jenn's impish grin in the mirror!
David, the shoppe owner's hubby snapped a pic before we left.
A small glimpse of the delights the Aubrey Rose holds for visitors.
And then on to another tea party just yesterday!
With 2 of my little grandgirlees.
This was quite a feat for Baby J, she doesn't use clinking dishes very often.
Can you see that lipsmacking going on?
She was quite dainty.
Lots of tea stirring and strawberries.
The only thing missing was Nicolee!
See you on Wednesday in Boston girlee!!!

Baby Jay is enthralled with the kitties, even though they are not thrilled with her!
She is very gentle and thought it very funny that the kitty lays in the bird bath.
So whether you have a tea party with the big girls
or with the little girls, enjoy your cuppa!

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Cecil said...

Aw, Susan, that was lovely!! I love the photos. Your cute little grandgirlees are getting the jump on "taking tea". I can see that you'll have tea partners for a long time. I just wish I could have more teas with you! I'm so glad we were able to visit Aubrey Rose!