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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pet Peeve

In Bloggy Land I see so many stunningly appointed tables, usually in someone's private home.

I have been to restaurants with a captain and white gloved waiters that lay my napkin in my lap; waiters who describe a menu item (rather than a few lately who have never even tried the food); and who also will take the time to teach a customer the proper way to eat a particular item without looking down his nose.

I teach Foods including how to set a table and some simple etiquette and manners.

(photo :my classroom)

Maybe it's the teacher in me that wants things just so, or always tries to make everyday life a learning experience!

(photo: Washington Post)

But I have begun to notice an irritating trend in the restaurant business.

Has anyone else noticed?

(photo: at Olive Garden)

They no longer "SET" a table for customers.

(photo: at Olive Garden)
The napkin wrapped flatware is just slung on the table in a pile as you are handed your menu.
Do you feel slighted?

I do.


crazydaisy said...

yeah.... And your granddaughter didn't quite get the salad fork thing.... I guess I need to reconsider the caliber of restaurant fare...

shaybert said...

The salad fork was set at Nana's house (by above daughter who was taught how to set a proper table)and not at the restaurant.

As simply as we set the tables in my classroom, I always have students who are stumped with even the placement of (or use of) a napkin.

The photo in this post of my classroom was "Great Britain" and simply using a teapot and teacup was "interesting". Today is crepes and quiche for "France". We'll see how we do!

Oxford Impressions said...

I just found your blog through Southern Hospitality's blog. My name is Shaylynn, so of course when I saw your name I felt a connection. I've added you to my list of blogs I follow and thought I might ask you to do the same if you felt so inclined. Thanks, and have a good day !

Neabear said...

Our favorite restaurant in our town still sets the table the proper way. Silverware where it belongs with a cloth napkin, not paper. I suppose the more expensive restaurants still do it the more formal way. The family style ones do it more the way you were describing here. So I guess it all depends on where you go.

Lavender Chick said...

Yes! I feel slighted... Great post. Thanks for the tutorial!

Lisa said...

There is one very nice restaurant in our area that does the proper place setting. It is enjoyable, but we don't go but once a year. I guess I can deal with the wrapped silverware, as long as it's CLEAN. Most of them aren't clean. I've gotten into the habit of always checking no matter where we go. Great post!

Janet said...

Thanks for stopping by Housepeepers today and thanks for offering to be my friend. Guess you have to send me an invitation so I can respond in kind. Or something like that. Who knows why we feel the need for all this technology, but I just hope my kids respond with an appropriate invitation to be included as their friends, lol.


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I've noticed this and tend to move things around. I guess I am a tad quirky!

Thanks for the graphic from Washington Post. From this, I see I get it right.....most of time!;-)

Rue said...

Hi Shay :)

I have noticed and I can't stand it. Oh and not to mention the missing butter plate. Where do people place their bread??