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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Quick Turnaround

We rushed up to KC Friday after work to help with some details in LJ's apt. We got up first thing Saturday morning and loaded up at Home Depot (after coffee) then Sweet Hubby hit the Daddy-Do List. Quite an accomplishment for one day:
  1. Make a custom screen for the kitchen window
  2. Install new miniblinds (the old ones were ugly smoke stained)
  3. Fix the guts in both toilets
    Put in an upper shelf in the entry closet.
  4. Put another shelf in the bedroom closet.
    There was enough shelving leftover to make a shoe shelf in the entry closet. (Less than 3" of board feet left when he was done, how's that for efficiency?)
  5. Install a programmable theromostat.
  6. Install a ceiling fan in the bedroom.
  7. Pull weeds (neither of us would touch the bagworms residing in them) so LJ could plant a hydrangea and 4 mums in the front planter.

All in ONE DAY! And we still had time to hit Cargo Largo and go out to dinner at Fuddrucker's before hitting the highway for the almost 3 hr drive home. Not too shabby! My man is quite a guy.

Have toolbag will travel.

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