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Saturday, March 15, 2008

A What & A Who


Looks like Spring is just around the corner!

My mom is back in the hospital, pneumonia again. On my way out to the parking lot last night I was startled by something I hadn't seen in months... BLOSSOMS! Will ya look at that? There is hope of Spring! I realize my photography skills are lacking here, but this is what happens when I whip my camera out of my purse and shove it into the middle of the limbs and click. I'm thrilled to have taken a moment to relish the possiblilites of SPRING!

This weekend is the debut of the Dr Suess movie "Horton Hears A Who".

This week one of my students told me that IHOP had some menu items to go along with the new movie. Sooooo, my 22 year old baby girl and I took ourselves to IHOP to check it out! I teach Child Development so this was a field trip since my students read Seuss books in my class and Horton sits on my desk!

So LJ ordered the Mayor's Breakfast: Green Eggs & Ham, Hash Browns and a side of Who-Cakes!!! They were quite bright and colorful, and LJ reported that they were YUMMY!

Are Who's fleas?

I didn't taste the Who-Cakes, but I stole a few bites of the Green Eggs. EXCELLENT! Perfect Scrambled Eggs Florentine! I woulda ordered just the eggs had a known.

So next field trip is to check out the new movie! Gotta wait for the grandgirlees!

Enjoy your weekend and enjoy some Green Eggs & Ham too!

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crazydaisy said...

Mmmmm. The eggs looked yummy! And the Who-cakes kinda looked like a heart attack on a plate! Or at least a sugar coma on a plate!!! But pancakes sound yummy riht now! =