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Sunday, March 9, 2008


SLOW changes!!!!
We have windows EVERYWHERE!
We've been in this new-to-us home for soon-to-be 6 months. We are still living with almost no window coverings. This is a daunting task, to find the appropriate treatments... not to mention pricey. When I need to order a panel, I need 5- 7- 10!!!
Our bedroom is good size but with a very pale paint, is stark and BRIGHT!

I count 15 expanses of naked glass that I need to cover/dress in the living/kitchen/dining area:
I've gotten started in the bedroom. Yes the blinds offer some privacy, but I want to see the water!!! (written in a true whiney tone) So we found some $5 sheers at Big Lots (a great place to start!) and the glare has softened some, but the windows still seem bare. I am searching. I spent over an hour on yesterday and found some that weren't going to set me back $1000 by the time I bought enough. BUT BY THE TIME I CHECKED OUT, they were "out of stock" Grrrrrrr!

So the windows look the same as above. Notice the tape around the windows? I painted the bedroom on a snow day, a nice warm tan, I think the name is coffee or mocha or something that would smell good in the morning. I still haven't gotten the edges trimmed in, I'm not tall enough and the ladder we have doesn't go that high. Sigh

We moved in here using some of my mom's furniture. Some of it is her late husband's. This table can seat 8-10 with the leaves in! I've never had a dining area roomy enough for a table that expands that much before.

Shortly after we moved in I saw some great chairs someone had posted on GI. I snapped them up at I plan to make covers in white canvas for summer! They are nice and sturdy and comfortable. I love the whimsy of the upholstery.

And we bought a new bed, also at A real, grown up bed.

We keep making changes. Oh it's neverending. We still have furniture at the other house, which we have NOT put on the market yet because, well, we figure it's futile in this housing market so what's the rush?

Have a great Sunday!

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PAT said...

I just put sheer shades in the hearth room and breakfast room, yesterday. I knew exactly what I wanted and couldn't find them anywhere, except Pottery Barn. While it wasn't bad, it wasn't great...10 windows. We love those windows, but wow, expensive to dress!

I love that shot of the two chairs, Shay. I am not kidding when I tell you, it's magazine worthy!