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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hokey Pokey

...long distance style!!! H loves to sing songs, especially those with movement and motion (I remind her momma that she "liked to move it, move it" along to the music of "Madagascar" when she was preggers w/the aforementioned girl. I digress. H was singing the hokey pokey in the background the other night while I was talkin' to her daddy. So tonite when she got on the phone with Nana, Nana sang the hokey pokey song while "H" put her right hand, her whole self, her nose and her head "in" and "out" and "shaked it all about". Here she is, listenin' to Nana be silly over the phone just a coupla minutes ago!!!


crazydaisy said...


PAT said...

I love it Shay! She is so sweet!

I really enjoy talking to the babies on the phone and yes, singing to them, too!