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Monday, February 18, 2008


Baby J is now 3 months old and a whoppin' 15 pounds! What's Momma eatin'?

Nana and H had a little tea party!

Curly top!

It's pretty rare that we get a photo of the girlees' pretty Momma, C.

Jay loves his girlees!

Yes, she's a ham for the camera...

... and now you know where she learned to make faces!

Baby J did not care for Nana's new bed (more pics of that at a later date)

But H LOVED it and made herself right at home!

Everytime her momma washes her hair, H gets a kewpie doo. She's a nut.

Belated Valentine News:

I mailed N some little ponies and sent H these Fisher Price valentine people home with her parents so they could give them to her. She has named the lady Nana, and the fat white haired bald guy Pop! ha ha Sweet Hubby is not white haired (yet) and certainly not bald. He has the thickest head of hair of all of us! But still... funny! (Tif: I need photos of N!!!)

LJ is our youngest and still lives at home as she is finishing college this Spring. She has her father's feet: size 11 (ok, his are 15's, but you know what I mean). So when I found this Valentine's card for her it was perfect!

She was laughing because she has such big feet!

But you must also understand that the entire floor of her closet is filled with shoes.
She did not see this part coming!

For Valentine's Day I had the choir teacher and 2 students from the HS come and sing to my mom at the nursing home. I tried to get the college boys just like last year but they are so much in demand that they wouldn't travel all the way to our town. The teacher is the one in the middle. See if you recognize her from another post!

They brought her flowers and she loved the serenade! They performed in the dining hall so that most of the residents could enjoy as well!

God provided a beautiful sunrise the other morning:


crazydaisy said...

fany@LOVE the cuties! I need to get my cutie up there!!!! That sunrise is gorgeous and I love grandma!


PAT said...

Those babies are as sweet as they can be.

I like your new bed, from what I can see! Looking forward to seeing more.

Your mom is beautiful, Shay. What a sweet Valentine's gift you gave her!