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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Get ready, get set, the Holidays have begun!

We spent Thanksgiving up at son's with new Baby J in Columbia. It was a small gathering but nice and quiet too. They weren't too thrilled at my table decor. Sorry I didn't get a photo after the silverware and food was added, but you get the gist. Okay, it was a little "loud" but festive!

This is H's camera smile: Whadya think?

Nana brought her a donut from the hotel's continental breakfast. Mmmmmmm!

And then her comment was "Mess!"

Unfortuneatly, I received a call Thanksgiving morning that my mom's fall on Monday had indeed caused a fracture, of her pelvis. So while we were 250 miles away, she was transported to the hospital and admitted. Well her BP has gone sky high and she is dehydrated and confused so she was transferred to ICU and is still there this evening. Please pray. She does not care to discuss things of God so it is frustrating to consider how frightening this must be for her.
We had a light dusting of snow Saturday morning. Made for a cozy snuggle in.
Have a great week!


crazydaisy said...

I am praying for grandma.... And Hayden's grin reminds me of the claymation smiles in the movie Chicken Run! You'll have to watch it so you can agree!!! Love ya!

PAT said...

Shay, I'm just now seeing this! How is your mother?

Hayden is a cutie pie!


Janet said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am sorry to have missed AOGG, but I will probably watch the PBS series again. It was four hours and went up to her college days. I really enjoyed it and imagine I would like the books if I ever get off my mystery kick.

I laugh that Anne has become part of your lexicon. Mine is Sesame Street and Dr. Seuss.LOL.

That's how it eels with wheels on your heels!