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Sunday, September 16, 2007


Time has flown and I have ignored blogging. Tomorrow mid-term grades are due... high school. When I told J, the Rx student, he thought it meant half the semester over and was disappointed when I said HS. Nope. But still it is amazing that 1/8 of the school year has transpired! I still am not in the groove. It'll happen.

We move this weekend. If anyone has been paying attention, the site at the top of the page will now be my daily view. More info soon.

My camera died ~~ won't even turn on, so today, after looking all summer, I bought a new camera. Haven't taken but one photo, but more to post soon. Stay tuned.

LJ and I travelled up to Columbia for the weekend to see J & C & GD2. Shopping and eating and napping were happy endeavors.

Our ladies' Bible Study has started up again and my dear friend Sandy is the leader. We are studying Beth Moore's "The Patriarchs". Such twists she inserts into the ancient stories of the Bible. I am not in any way suggesting that she is changing things. But her studies always make me look at things in a different way! I enjoy her heart for women and have been reading with much yearning the blogs of those who have been attending her conferences. Blessings to all!

Back to the grind in the a.m Shay


crazydaisy said...

Where are those ladies' blogs? I would love to read them, too!!! Good luck with the move! Wish I was there.... Love ya

PAT said...

Hi Shay! I had no idea your were moving. Love that view! I skimmed the blog and couldn't find anything...but then my skimming skills are lacking!

We're heading toward your neck o the woods tomorrow. Spending the night at the lake then on to Branson for two days and one night. Meeting friends to tour the Landing. Haven't seen it yet. Looking forward to having a good time!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Shay! So glad you stopped by. Are you the same Shay on GI?? That is so neat that you know Rick & Debbie. Yes, they are our friends & I just posted pics of her house this week, if you missed those. We were over watching the AL football game with them last weekend. I'll tell her that you said hello!!